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Corporate Blog for Mike Andes Media - Article About Employee Management Methods
"Why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your employees? Communicate with them, make sure they know how their performance ranks and how they can improve. These are all things that an employee wants and that is what’s going to allow them to stay content with your business. The same way that you would stay in touch with customers to keep those leads warm, you stay in touch with your employees. And that might mean spending some money initially — and throughout the rest of their employee journey — on training and development."

Turf Magazine Article for Mike Andes Media - Article About Pursuing Commercial Contracts
"Do not try to go for the three-pointer massive maintenance contract right from the get-go. Go for the one-time cleanup or the one-time area of improvement. Wow them with the fact that you had your eyes on the property, you were proactive, you were fast, and you were efficient. Then, you sent them pictures of the job you did. They did not have to come inspect your work because you sent them the bill along with pictures so they could show the owner and show that something was done to improve the value of the property. That is all massive value to the property manager. If they are happy, they are going to make sure you are on that bid proposal next time their bid rolls around for the maintenance contract."

Local Interest Piece - Delaware Horseshoe Crab Harvesting
"But don’t scoff at the horseshoe crab as just another animal. They are not only important to their ecosystem, but they are also crucial for developing safe medicines and vaccines for people - including the COVID vaccine. Due to these creatures’ apparent need to be different from everyone else, they also have blue blood with very special properties only found in their species. In the blood is a substance called, “Limulus Amebocyte Lysate” (LAL) that is able to detect and isolate the presence of bacterial biotoxins. This ability makes their blood very valuable in the biomedical industry. Any receiver of an injection, vaccination, or surgery has a horseshoe crab to thank for helping keep everything sterile."

Film Analysis & History -
Blue Velvet: Growing Up and Learning the World Can Be A Dark Place

"Blue Velvet is a Norman Rockwell suburban American paradise juxtaposed with a nightmarish film noir underbelly. It is both a coming of age tale and a horrific, surreal, and disillusioned reaction to growing up amid 1950s small town culture - white picket fences, crosswalk officers, and students trotting to school. These are the images that the film starts with, before “pushing in” on a perfect green front lawn until the camera and audience are face to face with the grotesque bugs that live just beneath the surface."

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