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Multimedia Specialist

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PBS - Episode for PBS' Summer of Space - Production Assistant
Warner Brother / Hulu - “Shrill” - Locations Office Production Assistant
Sidestreet Entertainment - “Documentary Now!” - Production Assistant
The X Factor - Production Assistant

Wondery, an Amazon Company - Project Coordinator
Mike Andes Media - Media Associate

Mt Baker Theatre - Video Producer
Amazon Web Services – Assistant Camera Operator
Portland Community College – Multimedia Lab Technician; Video Producer
Church of Jesus Christ of LDS (Publishing Services Dept.) - Additional Footage
Video Soup, LLC – Grip

Kids’ Carpentry Seattle - Director; Sound Technician; Music; Editor
A Conversation On Race - Director; Sound Technician; Music; Editor
Maripoll - Director; Videographer; Editor; Digital Image Technician
Schmeltzer Kino – Assistant Director
Artifact: Creative Recycle - Videographer; Editor; Digital Image Technician
Bloom - Product Photographer; Social Media Marketing; Digital Image Technician
Woobie & Warfly LLC - Photographer; Digital Image Technician

Indie Entertainment
Gabe Fleck, Music Video, “I Want To Be With Myself” – Director; Editor; Roto Supervisor
“Woods: A Survival Story” – Director; Editor
Shelby Harvey, Music Video, “Currently Untitled” – Assistant Director

The Dark Divide - Locations Office Production Assistant
“Ocean Soul” – Crowdfund Coordinator
A Free Spirit Life – Audio Post Production; Consultant; Podcast Setup
Micheal Jackson Vs Prince Concert – Videographer; Sound Technician; Editor
The Toads Concert – Camera Operator
AMWORLD Films – Additional Music; Grip; Boom Operator
Felt, Music Video, “Glory Burnin’” – Grip
Joe Kye, Music Video, “Stick On Me” – Grip
No Sunrise Wasted, “Malignant” – Key Production Assistant

Industry Skills

Video production / Audio production / Photography / Directing / Crowdfunding / Screenwriting / Creative
writing / Project management / Fashion video / Music video / Commercials / Camera Operation /
Interviews / Social media marketing / Analytics /Color correction / Podcasting / Content Creation / Coordinating

Software & Web Services
Adobe Suite / DaVinci Resolve / Microsoft Office / Google Suite / Dropbox / Logic / Zoom / Skype / Asana / Airtable

Apple / PC / DSLR’s / Video cameras / SLR’s / Mixers / Midi keyboards / Audio interfaces / Microphones /

Tascams / Lighting / Dollies / Jibs / Stands

Portland Community College, Oregon
Applied Science Degree - Video Production; Associate Degree of General Studies; Asian Studies Focus
Award; Summa cum laude

Frederick County Community College, Maryland
Certification in Film Production And Television Broadcasting

References provided upon request.

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