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Web Copy - Short Film Crowdfund


Hello from a group of filmmakers in the great and misty Northwest. We're looking for funds to make a short film that deals with the sensitive topic of grief. Not only will your donation help us achieve this, but it will also partially go towards a The Dougy Center which provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences.

What's the story?

“Ocean Soul” is the story of Isaiah, a husband so haunted by the memory of his deceased wife, he forgets that he still needs to be a father. He and his child’s relationship becomes strained and when things are at their worst, Isaiah receives a visit from the spirit of his wife.

Why this topic?

Director Reuben Bernardo says, "I wanted to write a story about this topic because mental health is not often talked about and most definitely should be. I wrote this script so that people could see what it takes to see it through to the other end. I think people who suffer from grief and depression often times feel alone- and I think to bring visibility to that might help people understand that they’re not. Hence why I think it’s vital to give back to a place like The Dougy Center."

The Crew

Reuben Bernardo, Director

Reuben Bernardo is an independent filmmaker in Portland, Oregon. He has a love affair with film and a passion to connect and engage others to the world of storytelling. He worked as a production intern at the Portland-based award-winning production company, "No Sunrise Wasted" and has worked on a variety of short films in the area. Reuben believes that beauty exists even in the darkest of darks, and the stories that go untold are the stories he wishes to bring to the spotlight.

Jake Rose, Assistant Director

Jake has produced and directed promotional material for the Portland Community College Multimedia Program and done post-sound work on a promotional video for the 2018 Inventor Camp. He’s a freelance videographer that has also been involved with live event filming for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, specifically as a camera operator and editor. He was an instructor with the Medium Cool Film School during the Fall 2018 Semester. Most recently he was Director of Photography on  a locally produced web series called, "Smoking Demons."

Marcus Holcomb, Director of PhotographyMarcus has been a camera operator for discussion panels for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in 2017 and 2018, using a 3 camera system. He has also taken classes in Photography, Broadcasting, and Music Video Production. A casual photographer since childhood, Marcus is always looking for a good shot. A history of drawing and painting informs his composition skills. He's also a big fan of Bruce Lee.Claire Scott, Production DesignerClaire Scott is an aspiring Production Designer in Portland, OR. After getting her feet wet in the film industry, first as a student and then as a PA, Claire discovered her love of Art Department work, as it combines her passions for interior design and film. In addition to having been the production designer on locally made projects, including music videos and a short film, Claire has worked an array of Art Department jobs on TV shows made for networks like Netflix and Hulu.

Eddie Garcia, Visual Effects Artist

Eddie Garcia is a VFX Artist with roots in the traditional arts. He's inspired and most motivated in creative communities such as music video production crews. Though his focus is in VFX compositing, he has experience in all steps of the process including preproduction and production.

Budget Breakdown

Our budget is $1650. This money has been carefully planned out for all the different parts of production - location fees, transportation, production design (props, wardrobe, etc), and more. A large portion of the budget goes to food for the crew - because when you have fifteen people working thirteen-hour-days for free, you definitely want to keep them fed and happy!


The Production

Your money will be in good hands as our crew is made up of experienced young professionals. We've worked in indie film, television, music festivals, film festivals, gaming festivals, photography, and more. We even have a visual effects artist, Jay Bills, on our team - he's done visual effects work on films like Lord of The Rings, King Kong, and other blockbusters!

We will be using all the filmmaking equipment that goes into a successful production. We will have generators, so we can run lights and charge batteries for things like HD digital cameras and monitors. We will also have jibs, dollies, sliders, drones, and the other essential tools of the trade. Normally, this would be costly, but luckily, we are young industry insiders with connections and therefore have access to this equipment without having to worry about rental costs.

Pay it forward!

We are using the pay-it-forward model with our rewards. While all donors of ten dollars or more will receive a digital copy after the festival run, people will also be rewarded with the knowledge that they helped restore peace to someone's life. 10% of all donations go towards The Dougy Center - a nonprofit that supports grieving families. So, you're not only making a movie, but a difference in the world!

Other Ways You Can Help

Please, share this campaign! Share it on your social media! Every post has the potential to make a huge difference.Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our campaign. Now, ready - ACTION!


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